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Does Matching Day offer matching services?

No, we don't do matching or arrange introductions. Our lawyers insist that we make this very clear - we don't match. We just provide information about Intended Parents and then Surrogates are invited to connect with them directly. We are definitely not a matching service.

Is Matching Day an Agency?

No, we are not an Agency and we don't charge any Agency fees.

Is Matching Day for independent Intended Parents only?

Matching Day is for all Intended Parents. You can be in an Agency or you can be independent. Or you can be neither... or both. We want to help every Intended Parent.

Can Surrogates create a profile on Matching Day?

No, Surrogates cannot create a profile. We made a deliberate choice to only offer Intended Parent profiles (and then we invite Surrogates to discover our amazing Intended Parent community.)

How much is Matching Day?

We interviewed a lot of Intended Parents about pricing and we received great feedback (hi there! You know who you are ;) ).

The feedback was nearly unanimous that our pricing should make Matching Day affordable while also keeping away bots and fake profiles. Because of this feedback, we don’t offer a free plan.

During our conversations, many people wanted a 6 month plan or a 12 month plan because they recognize their journey will be long. We included those. We also heard that a monthly plan would be helpful for some, so we included this option as well.

You can see our pricing here.

Is Matching Day Agency friendly?

Yes, you bet we are! We have Agency friendly search filters and our profiles have Agency friendly fields. Ask your Agency to connect with us and we’ll work with them to help you get the most out of Matching Day.

Who founded Matching Day?

Matching Day was founded by two people: Rob, who is an Intended Parent, and Simon Peter (we call him SP), who is a technology guru.